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black tourmaline

Characteristic :

Due to its good energy conductivity and its richness in minerals, tourmaline is a dynamic, constructive and invigorating therapeutic stone. It helps connect the spirit, soul, mind and body into a harmonious unity. It allows us to identify trends in order to see not only the present moment but also to integrate the past and the future. Because when we understand where the origin of an experience is rooted and towards what goal it leads us, we are much better able to control developments and accelerate them harmoniously. Thus, tourmaline stimulates our creativity and our capacity for perception. Black Tourmaline allows you to adopt a calm and neutral posture. It reduces negative thoughts and is useful in cases of stress and worry. This stone protects against cell phones, electromagnetic fog, radiation.

Spiritual :

This stone protects against psychic attack, charms, curses and negative energies of all kinds. Has a stimulating effect on energy flow and is mainly used to stimulate meridians in scar tissue or to dissipate excess energy. Cleanses, purifies and transforms dense energy into a lighter vibration. Anchors spiritual energy, purifies and balances all chakras, and forms a protective shield around the body.

Healing :

It stimulates the flow of energy in the meridians as well as the activity of the entire metabolism. Tourmaline's striations increase energy flow, making it a perfect stone for healing, fortifying energy and clearing blockages. This is why it can be used in all states of weakness and deficiencies. It has also shown excellent results on scar tissue. It has a relaxing effect and helps to neutralize the influences of radiation by removing blockages caused by radiation and guiding excess energy out of the body. Connecting with the root chakra, it energizes and increases physical vitality, dispersing tension and stress. Placed with the tip facing outwards from the body, these crystals absorb negative energy. Protect against debilitating diseases, strengthen the immune system, treat dyslexia and arthritis, relieve pain and realign the spine.

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