Collection: Howlite-Magnesite key ring


Characteristic :

Howlite encourages us to be the creators of our own lives.

Teaches patience and helps eliminate fury and uncontrolled anger. A piece placed in a person's pocket absorbs their own anger as well as that directed at them. Helps overcome the tendency to be critical and selfish, strengthening positive character traits. Calms the mind and is excellent for sleep or meditation. Promotes calm and logical communication, strengthens memory and stimulates the desire to know. It promotes conscious control of our actions.

It improves the sense of balance, especially when we tend to trip or drop things.

Spiritual :

Connects to spiritual dimensions, allowing one to tune into them and preparing the mind to receive wisdom and intuitions. Assists extracorporeal travel and access to past lives. A look focused on a Howlite crystal transports us to another era or dimension. Placed on the third eye, gives access to memories of past lives, including those of the "intermediate" state and spiritual dimensions. Helps to clarify ambitions, spiritual and material, and to achieve them.

This crystal calms turbulent emotions, especially those whose causes are found in past lives. Cuts the ties uniting the emotions of the past to the catalysts of present life.

Healing :

It stimulates vomiting in cases of nausea, so that it becomes easier to vomit. It relieves the consequences of poisoning, in particular skin irritations due to contact poisons, but it does not stimulate tissue detoxification. Relieves insomnia, balances calcium levels in the body, benefiting teeth, bones and soft tissues.

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