Collection: Black Tourmaline Quartz Pendulum

Black Tourmaline Quartz

Characteristic :

Tourmaline quartz helps resolve internal fights and conflicts. Thus, it addresses all states where one fights with oneself, because certain ideals simply fail to become a reality. When we feel like we are failing because in some areas of life everything works the way we want it to, while in other areas the same mishaps always occur. It helps to first of all accept ourselves as we are, to accept our own gray areas to understand where they are rooted. It also allows us to get rid of our shadow when necessary. Thus, He brings us a holistic and harmonious feeling of living in which contradictions do not lead to interior heartbreaks. Promotes concentration and unlocks memory. Dispels bad habits and releases tension on all levels. Harmonizes disparate and contrary elements and polarities, transforms negative thoughts and energies into positive ones.

Spiritual :

Purifies and strengthens the organs, as well as the subtle bodies. It is a subtle purifier of the soul, connecting the physical and mental dimensions. Conducts energy to the highest plane. Possesses the ability to dissolve karmic seeds. Highlights psychic gifts and attunes the individual to their spiritual purpose. When meditating, filter out distractions. Encompassing the entire color spectrum, clear quartz acts on all levels of being. Effective anchor stone, strengthens the body's energy field against external invasion and repels harmful environmental influences

Healing :

It directs us towards the right balance between tension and relaxation. Where stress, tension, stubbornness and repressed aggression lead us to harden ourselves, to armor ourselves, to suffer and to tense up, tourmaline quartz brings us relaxation and liberation. On the other hand, when inertia, laziness, ease; and the inability to control ourselves leads us to be weak, without feelings or energy. The stone has an effect of activation, revivification and reconstruction. It helps to keep the famous measure. Thus, the entire organism remains young and full of vitality, aging slows down, while mobility and the capacity for regeneration increase.

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