Collection: Tiger Eye Pendulum

Eye of tiger

Characteristic :

Heals issues regarding self-worth, self-criticism and blocked creativity. Promotes recognition of the individual's talents and abilities, as well as the flaws that must be overcome. Supports dependent personality changes. Allows you to admit your own needs, as well as those of others, and to distinguish between desires and real needs. Balances yin and yang and charges the emotional body with energy. Alleviates depression and uplifts mood.

Tiger's eye allows you to have clear vision in troubled situations. Thanks to an inner distance from events, it helps not to be disoriented by doubt, stress and mood swings. Always helps to see what is closest and solve one problem after another with confidence in the good results that will follow. Stone also useful in phases of discouragement and difficulty in decision-making.

Spiritual :

Combines earth energy with solar energy to generate a high vibrational, yet grounded state that draws spiritual energies to Earth. Placed on the third eye, strengthens psychic gifts and balances the lower chakras, stimulating the rise of the Kundalini.

Protective stone, traditionally worn as a talisman against curses. Demonstrates the correct use of power and highlights integrity. Helps achieve goals, recognizing inner resources and promoting clarity of intention. Placed on the navel chakra, tiger's eye is excellent for dreamers or uncommitted people. Roots and facilitates the manifestation of will. Tiger's Eye anchors change in the physical body.

Healing :

Treats the eyes and promotes night vision, treats the throat and reproductive organs, dissipates constrictions. Useful for repairing broken bones. It inhibits the flow of energy in the body. Thus, it relieves pain and is useful in cases of hormonal hyperfunction and overexcitation of the nerves. Particularly useful for healing mental illness and personality disorders.

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