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Characteristic :

Aquamarine stimulates determination and promotes physical and mental growth.

It reduces fears and increases sensitivity. Stone who helps interpret one's feelings and states. It unblocks “paralyzed” communication and encourages personal expression.

Aquamarine promotes endurance and tenacity. It helps to bring projects to fruition and overcome resistance with discipline thanks to beryllium.

Provides broader vision and capacity for foresight so that we can constantly identify new paths and possibilities to include in our plans.

Spiritual :

Shapes intuition and opens access to clairvoyance. A wonderful stone for meditation, it appeals to higher states of consciousness and spiritual sensitivity, in addition to promoting service to humanity.

It protects the aura and aligns the chakras, purifying the throat chakra and opening access to communication from a higher plane. Harmonizes with the physical and spiritual body.

Healing :

Useful for sore throat, swollen glands, thyroid disorders.

It regulates hormonal balance, immune function and relieves all excessive reactions such as autoimmune diseases and allergies partly against hay fever. It also improves vision in cases of myopia and hyperopia.

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