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Characteristic :

Amber is not a crystal, but a solidified and fossilized plant resin.

Promotes a radiant and carefree life, a joyful way of living day to day. It raises awareness of traditions and helps integrate ancestral values ​​into today's world. It brings balance and patience, encourages decision-making, develops confidence and helps with serenity. Neutralizes suicidal or depressive tendencies, wards off depression.

Amber makes you flexible and stimulates creativity.

Spiritual :

Purifies the environment and the chakras, absorbing negative energies transforming them into positive forces that inspire the body to heal itself.

Powerful, it connects the self to higher spiritual reality. Stimulates the navel chakra and facilitates the anchoring of energies in the body.

Amber encourages altruism and bestows wisdom.

Healing :

Facilitates teething in young children. Promotes wound healing. Useful in cases of disorders of the stomach, spleen, liver, gallbladder and kidneys. Relieves joint pain and strengthens mucous membranes. Treats throat disorders and also goiter. Relieve stress.

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