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Characteristic :

Balances masculine and feminine energies, as well as many aspects of the personality.

Amazonite has a balancing and calming effect in cases of extreme mood swings. It harmonizes intuition and reason and resolves contradictions, conflicts and feelings of heartbreak.

Thanks to it, we regain control over our own lives and we no longer feel victims of external circumstances. Amazonite relieves pain and sorrow.

Spiritual :

Amazonite elixir is extremely beneficial on all levels of consciousness. It promotes the manifestation of universal love. Heals and opens the heart chakra and throat chakra to strengthen loving communication. It also activates the 3rd eye and intuition.

Healing :

Amazonite also strengthens the physical nervous system and is even helpful in brain diseases. It is relaxing and antispasmodic, and with Malachite it is one of the traditional therapeutic stones useful in cases of menstrual problems and as an aid in childbirth. It promotes the relaxation of the pelvic floor and the opening of the cervix.

Beneficial for osteoporosis, dental caries, calcium deficiency, it balances the metabolic deficiencies causing these conditions.

The elixir corrects calcium problems. The crystal also relieves muscle spasm. Protects against microwaves and electromagnetic fog sources.

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